My name is Lorraine Gilbert, I have been teaching Sunday School at Galloway United Methodist Church since 2009.  I served as the Lay Ministry Coordinator from 2001-2002.  From January of 1996 to June 1998, I served in several volunteer positions at Second Baptist Church in Houston, Texas.

At Second Baptist Church, I was an Activities Coordinator for the “Living Large” Sunday School Class, which had approximately 300 people at that time.  I planned retreats, kept up with the class calendar, and coordinated special projects.  I also became the Assistant Director for the “Interface” Sunday School Class, which had approximately 200 people, in which I coordinated initial setup of the new class.  Part of my responsibilities was planning retreats and delegating special projects.

I am also a registered nurse and have been working in the medical field since 2002.  I earned my Bachelor of Science in Education in 1990, and taught in Houston Public Schools from 1991 to 1996.  I say this all very humbly.  I love helping others.  It is my life passion.  I am hoping that my experience will help you have a stress free, fun class where you can introduce the basics about the Bible.

In 2013, I was given the privilege of teaching the 3rd Grade Sunday School Class.  The focus of the class was to teach the children how to use their Bible in a period of a year.  As with many churches, we give our children a Bible when they start 3rd grade.  The teaching resource we had for this class was outdated, so I started looking on the internet for other resources.  I spent hours doing this, and after a lot of frustration I decided to put this book together to help others in the same situation.


With the help of some very good friends, my husband, and local beloved clergy, I designed this book to be used for Sunday School, weekly children’s activities, or even home school.  This book divides the Bible into a year long journey with the focus on getting to know the basics and where important stories are located in the Bible.  It incorporates the Christian Liturgical Calendar with a typical school year so that during Easter we are talking about Easter and in August we are discussing the new school year.

With my past teaching experience; both in public school and as a volunteer Sunday School teacher, this book not only focuses on teaching the Bible, but offers hints for teaching in general.  This book recognizes that most who volunteer to teach Sunday School or weekly activities are not clergy or certified teachers.

This may be used as the main workbook or as a supplement to other material you may already be using.  Please see the copyright for more information, we ask you do not share it between churches or as a download for an entire district.

We are offering this at a low cost as a ministry.

We welcome your comments and questions. Sincerely, Lorraine Gilbert